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Pre-enrollment and enrollment

Aware of the importance of choosing the college of our children, we provide two personalized communication tools within the educational institution. Personalized videoconferencing serves the family individually in a format that facilitates communication without travel. Allows us to share the educational project, resolve the concerns and needs of each family.
The in-person visit is organized in groups with families interested in each educational stage. It allows us to connect the educational project of the different stages, talk to the teaching team, make a school tour and attend to the different questions that are raised during the visit.
Select the one that follows your interest, or both ways.

You can go directly to the school registration information in the following link:

We are a centenary school, linked in the Poblenou / Barcelona neighborhood that responds to the constant changes in today’s society.

Our students, their families, teachers and the entire team of professionals want to explain how we grow together, we share experiences and we learn the important things that will shape us in many ways but especially as people.

Welcome to your home!

The quality of teaching, the daily accompaniment of the students, attention to diversity and the close family-school relationship reinforce our educational project.

Educating in values is not only school work, but it does have a relevance and a very important role, since it is the space where children spend the most time, so we offer a comprehensive and transversal education taking into account the different social realities and cultural.

We attend to emotional aspects and believe in the positive resolution of conflicts between equals.

Workshop emotions
Workshop emotions
Project of mediartion
Project of mediartion
The Department of psychopedagogical orientation is made up of professionals in the field of clinical psychology, psychopedagogy and speech therapy. Apply a method of cooperative work and coordination with teams of external professionals, accompany families, advise and guide the tutorial function ensuring the achievement of skills and talents of students. With preventive or interventional actions.

Early Childhood Education

It is very important to create new learning based on children's curiosity, motivation, concerns and interests. We do not explain endings to children, but rather let the experiences pass. In order to capture these experiences and experiences with a diversity of languages, we propose different materials that can manipulate, explore, and pose challenges, among others. Students acquire knowledge in a meaningful way by understanding what they learn, so they transfer it in their day to day and in their coexistence.

We teach boys and girls to think, to devise and to dream. We emphasize that from a young age we value that children can express everything they feel, live, or want to share with their classmates and teacher.

Primary Education

Education is an element of social and cultural cohesion where all people have the right to quality education under equal conditions. To achieve these objectives, an inclusive school, a technologically evolved school, an equitable school without gender segregation, a school with the teacher as facilitator and activator of learning for a leading student body are necessary.

Workshop of the senses 1st EP
Workshop of the senses 1st EP
Music class 6è EP
Music class 6è EP

Compulsory Secondary Education

We want to train responsible adults. That is why we teach children the value of effort and perseverance. This is the key for them to achieve those goals they want. We educate by promoting an essential value in social relationships and respect for others and our environment. We offer an integrated education in the curricular field, promoting a critical and reflective spirit We are a multilingual school open to the world.

From the 2nd year of ESO, the Dual Program is offered, which consists of studying the American Dual Baccalaureate, American High School Diploma, from the center. in a virtual learning environment exclusively in English in use.

The school is affiliated with the Col.legi Sagrat Cor – Diputació, to study high school.

Why in our SCHOOL?

  • Because it has a team of first-rate professionals attentive to any pedagogical innovation.
  • Because it actively encourages reading, understanding it as a basic tool for reasoning and for understanding the world.
  • Because it encourages creativity.
  • Because it enhances the learning of different languages, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Why …

… And many more reasons why we make education our reason for being and the best future for students, our goal.

The results show us that our path with the objectives, priorities, methodologies used, planning and attention to diversity, day by day, integrate our school to the new times and current realities.

See you soon!

Information on the admission process

This space is dedicated to accompany families in the pre-enrolment and enrolment process.

You will find the information you need to follow the process in the easisest way possible.

Center code: 08011606 - Escola Asunción de Nuestra Señora

For the second cycle of infant education, primary education and compulsory secondary education, the following calendars are established:

The initial offer of places for school pre-registration for the 2024-2025 academic year is as follows:


In this section it will be possible to consult the assignment to the center of the students of second cycle of infantile education and primary education and secondary education.

The Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya has created a website for the Pre-Enrollment and Enrollment process. You will find all the information about this process: criteria that are applied to resolve situations of tie of the applications in the process of pre-registration and registration, documents that must be provided to carry out pre-registration and the planned schedule for pre-registration and next year enrollment. As enrollment dates approach, the Department of Education updates the information.

Link to the website of the Department of Education


Link to the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona


We remind you that only one pre-registration application can be submitted per student. In this one, applications for admission for moret han one center can be indicated, always in order of preference. Submission of more than one application means the invalidation of the corresponding priority rights.