The school is perfectly positioned to encourage and develop every aspect of students’ growth and maturity. Our mission is:

  • To help students discover their intellectual and physical potential and to recognise their own qualities and limitations/span>
  • To stimulate the development of social skills of the students as an important aspect of their development into adulthood, helping them integrate in the community through the life experience of a group.
  • To boost the development of their ethical and transcendent dimension, helping them in the study of the meaning of human existence, with a foundation in the evangelical values. The Franciscan school favours the Christian experience of faith and joyful celebration. Promote the Marian spirituality, simplicity, discretion and love for God.


We recognise the unique character and singular story of each student. We base the educative relation in familiarity, trust and dialogue.

As a franciscan school, staff members promote a cordial and welcoming, simple relationship with no discrimination.


The fundamental values of our teaching promotes honourable thinking – students develop their own opinions and evaluate critically and fairly.

We identify ourselves with:

  • Communal fraternal living, with the humility to respect others, with the patience to overcome adversities and with joy of living a happy existence.
  • We emphasise the evangelical values. We educate for coexistence and peace. We educate for justice and solidarity. We educate in freedom for freedom.