Secondary school period

Concerted stage.  This stage includes four courses from 12 to 16 years old.
From 1st of ESO up to 4th of ESO, they complete the compulsory secondary education.  At the end of this stage, students must prove they have acquired the basic competencies required in order to obtain the diploma of compulsory secondary education.   This diploma will provide the transition to post-compulsory education of the Baccalaureate or Vocational Training. Students who fail to obtain ESO accreditation can take Professional Qualification Programs or access the workplace.

The school attends the coordination between Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education to ensure students and families an adequate transition between the different stages while facilitating the continuity of Baccalaureate studies at the Sacred Cor Diputació school. Our psychologists perform evaluations throughout this stage and offer an academic-professional orientation of the student.

The Secondary School, as a key element in the comprehensive education of boys and girls, provides quality academic training, personal growth, acquisition of responsibility and autonomy to learn to learn. It is organized into compulsory curricular subjects and optional subjects to attend to the interests, motivations and capacities of the students. In the first three years students must do a Synthesis Project, and in 4th of ESO a Research Project is carried out.

Schedule distribution is guided by the different learning areas of the stage. The school hours are: morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Non-directed recreation from 10: 50h to 11: 20h and afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The uniform for Physical Education class is mandatory.

The educational proposal of the center designs learning spaces that facilitate personalization by offering work in small groups, support in the classroom, resources, materials and differentiated goals to attend to the diversity of students.

At this stage, integrated content learning is expanded into foreign languages. Music and Social Studies are taught in English, as well as other optional credits like Story Writing, Talk Together, Basic TIC, and Political and Physical Maps. Fine Arts is taught in French, the second foreign language.

Attending to the integral education of the student, education in values is guaranteed. Throughout this stage we offer specific training in transversal axes: health education, improvement of coexistence, and campaigns of solidarity, among others.

In order to consolidate the habit of effort and persistence, the students of ESO must dedicate time daily in the revision of and reflection about the contents worked on during the school day.

The center’s didactic proposal incorporates virtual tools into the classroom in a transversal way, highlighting the facilitative, motivating and adaptive nature that educational technology offers by offering practices aligned with the challenges of the 21st century educational world.

The school authorizes and promotes the use of personal mobile devices as an educational tool in school activities. Aware of the need to promote a responsible use of these devices, students are permitted to use them in specific moments and situations authorized by teachers.

Students participate, voluntarily, in language trips organized by the center where they receive immersion in the English or French language, with the accompaniment of faculty members

As of the 2nd year of ESO the Dual Program is offered, which consists of doing the American Baccalaureate, or “High School”, from our center in a virtual learning environment using exclusively the English language.

Cambridge official examinations are prepared: KET, PET and Certified Firms and DELF: A1 and A2.

Throughout the school year, an evaluation is reported every trimester and at the end of the year, as well as a first evaluation at the beginning of the year.

A close family / school communication is essential in this stage of a student’s development, to ensure a mutual collaboration in the journey from childhood into the world of adults.