Primary school

Concertate stage. It is formed by six courses from 6 to 12 years old.

From 1st grade to 6th the kids consolidate the habits, knowledge and some basic skills. This stage let students have an educative, convivence and cultural space that promote the autonomy and intellectual maturation.

The school has a good coordination between childhood educationand ESO education to ensure an adequate transition between the different stages.

The distribution of time is done according to the different learning areas.

Morning: 9:00h to 13:00h. The playtime is from 10:50h to 11:20h.

Afternoon: from 15:00h to 17:00h.

The Educative Project of the School contemplate the students cognitive and affective growing, for that reason there are different learning proposals that help the students achieve this goals. To attend the diversity the school works in small learning groups, different supports in the classroom, different materials, different learning tools and different targets.

The teaching team during the process, promote and check the self-sufficiency and responsibilities of the children through proposed tasks.The teacher helps the student during this way to achive more autonomy in each learning area. On this stage the student can expand the different contents in a foreign language: Music and Arts & Crafts (on 1st and 2nd grade), Physical Education (3rd and 4th grade) and Natural and Social Environment (5th and 6th grade). From 5th grade the students start to learn the second foreign language: French. The school also do the content and language integrated learning in Arts & Crafts.

The educative technology is introduced in a transversal way like a learning tool in the different areas. This let students be more motivate in their learning process. The make-make experience, 3D design per course, croma recording and the incorporation of Classroom and the telematic participation with other schools are the tools that, in line with the Educative Project of the School make possible afford the challenges of 21st century.

The students make a transversal project in every grade. The students can participate in the Sports Camp of three days that offer to the families an exhibition to celebrate Christmas. The children can participate in a different excursions and cultural activities out of the school to support the different targets in a external and natural spaces.

During the course the school offer different feedbacks through evaluation report. This is made at the end of each term and one at the final of the course. From 3rd grade of Primary Education, the marks of the evaluations are visible in Clickedu.

The communication between the school and the families through tutoring must be periodic and whenever it is required. Every week are established some meetings with all the teaching team and the psyco – pedagogical department to coordinate the course and talk about all the agreements to promote the integral development of the students.

hanks to the teaching intervention from our pedagogical approach, the student experiences a positive evolution in the consolidation of his or her skills related to the school environment. These skills are present throughout the entire Primary School course due to the achievement of the basic competencies that will lead to the Secondary School period.