School Canteen Service

The school has its own kitchen and provides good-quality meals. It prepares special diet when is required temporarily because of health reasons. It makes adjustments for children with allergies and food intolerance. Menus are varied and balanced insofar diet concerns, and they are available on the school website.

The kitchen service is offered by the Hostesa company, that provides well-qualified workers and makes entirely meals in the kitchen school. At the end of each term, a report about the children evolution as users of school canteen is given to the families. This service includes the students’ care from the ending of the school hours in the morning to the beginning of the school hours in the afternoon.

This service is ready to use since the first day of the school year.

(External link to the website of the business provider of the “Hostessa” menu)

The students who use the school canteen regularly must enrol before 30th of June. Those students who do not enrol before the deadline can use the service per months or per days. The price is 155€ during the period from September to June for those students who chose the school canteen during all the school year. Nevertheless, if a family initially prefers to use this service during all year and, later on, this family leaves it, the bills will be recalculated and the fees will be charged or paid depending on the difference in the fee, considering the monthly form.

The students who use this service monthly must pay 9,60€ each school day.

The students who use this service sporadically will pay 10,70€ per day. Besides, the sporadic number of students remains limited to 20 students per day. It is possible to acquire the receipt beforehand.