Educational Psychologist Counselling (2)

The functions of the counselling service are:

● Accomplishing a direct observation of the pre-school education (age of 3) in order to obtain information about the infant’s adaptation and guide the prevention, detection and diagnosis if necessary.

● Making a monitoring of the counselling examination carried out at the beginning and at the end of the school year for students of pre-school education (age of 5), second and fifth level of primary education and first and fourth level of secondary education.

● Determining the individual attentions and to counsel in the individualised education plans of some students and to monitor and evaluate their plans.

● Monitoring, in cooperation with teachers and families involved, students who, according to teaching staff or the same educational psychology department, need some advice or specific attention during their process of learning or their psychosocial development.

● Keeping in touch with a representative of EAP of Sant Martí regularly so as to improve the intervention among students.

● Intervening in the class with the purpose of redirecting exceptional or unexpected situations.